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New teen escort –

Our new teen escort Angelina is a stunning  young escort with an exotic look who will leave you speechless when you meet her.

As well as her looks Angelina also has a wonderful sweet personality, so you will find her to be the perfect  young companion.

she has an amazing body so if your after that perfect young escort then Angelina is pefect for you 😉

Chloe BE 8686bb


Chloe is two words – Passionate and Wicked. She will blow you away with how much she just LOVES sex. Never to be outdone, Chloe will always make sure you are taken to the limit in everything that you do.
Dont get us wrong, she enjoys the downtime and romance, but when its time to get hot and energized..well she is the perfect stunning companion for you.
Chloe Loves Kissing and Exploring your body 😉

emma new 8



Another One of our resident Glamour Gals… Emma is a stunning blonde escort with big blue eyes and blonde hair, she has an amazing body so if your after that perfect beach babe then Emma is perfect for you 😉

EMMA ticks all the boxes. She will be one of the most amazing Australian escorts you will ever get to enjoy. Emma has the confidence and ability to transform herself to suit almost any sensual or erotic desire you have…Passion comes from the heart…EMMA has this in abundance, When you encounter the sexually charged Emma, you wont know where to begin. If you are in Australia and looking for cuddles, then she is for you. If you are also looking for feisty and devious then she is for you…Do you love the idea of a full role play? Imagine having our sexy Australian escort dress up for you in the costume you fantasied about and you both enjoy a full scale role play together. Maybe you like the thought of her cleaning in a naughty maids outfit? or has she been a bad school girl and as the teacher you must punish her naughty ways? Do you like the idea of a work place fantasy? Well you have come to the right place as Emma specialises in providing these types of fantasies. Emma also loves to be adventureous and mix things up in the bedroom, so if you also like being tied up and blind folded then you have found the right match for you. 
Emma will rock your world if you let her… so don’t be shy, she doesn’t bite.. 😉

Emma is in deed a beautiful and classy Australian female, she has a warmth and soulfulness that can simply captivate you..she is a wonderful listener and communicator. She is the type of girl who suits any situation… but remember when the lights go down, this vivacious young woman can give passion a whole new meaning! Emma is all about excitement, Seduction, Fantasy…



Australian Model Brooklyn


Brooklyn is a beautiful young open minded escort, she loves playing the naughty school girl and is very adventurous 😉 …she is loving every moment and always receives wonderful feedback. Although not available all the time, this sexy young escort is going to be touring from time to time so we will keep you posted. She is nothing short of
..pure sex appeal – Avail for Singles & Doubles!
Everyone is raving about that “cute and adorable face” of her’s..why don’t you be the judge…have a feel and let us know what you think!

Alice Australian Model



One very young stunning escort in Australia. Tonned, petite and elegant, ALICE is pure beauty and will captivate you in every sense of the word.
Soft spoken and gentle, she will disarm you with her seductive personality and makes you feel like a long lost friend immediately.
This stunning resident Sydney escort is all class, with a wonderful sense of style and unique blend of confidence and shyness. Sometimes Alice can come across as reserved, but that is just her timid personality that does grow throughout your time together.
She loves to be un-rushed, enjoys the warmth and tenderness when two people come together. If you are looking for romance, then Alice is the young female escort you are looking for. Pure sex appeal, you will be picking your jaw off the floor when the door opens..
She has one of the most beautiful sexy bodies all wrapped up in a cute and petite frame. Her skin is flawless and eyes that will make you a little dazed when you lock onto them.
Make sure you meet Alice to enjoy her beauty and a soulful personality that will leave you speechless in more ways then one.
Sex Appeal, Tenderness, Romance

Sydney Escort Scarlett


This sexy young female escort from Poland is full of life and energy not to mention radiates sexiness as well. You will have your hands full with Scarlett, she is flirtatious and adventurous and when mixed together produces a spark that cannot be described, only felt.
Slim, petite and Beautiful
This Eastern European escort has a wonderful sense of style, she is constantly thinking of ways to spice up the scene wearing the most revealing naughty lingerie on the shelf. She loves to seduce you and if your a little timid then not to worry Scarlett will guide you through every which way with an air of confidence.
One thing you should always look for in a sexy young female escort in Austraia is their ability to keep the energy levels at a high, radiating positivity and desire to engage you in all the ways you crave. Scarlett is one such sexy escort who simply personifies what is essential when searching for the right companion. Its much better to have the energy that can be scaled back, rather then have no passion to begin with…what would you rather?
Scarlett in a nut shell knows how to handle herself and will certainly know how to handle you. She has a natural instinct for everything sexual and soulful and is the perfect companion to spend time with and will satisfy every need or desire you can muster.

Lauren Sydney Model



Lauren is a beautiful young escort with an exotic look, shes new to escorting and she cant wait to get started :)
She just loves to have fun and is very naughty in the bedroom.. Sex is something that Lauren loves, she’s always full of energy and provides a very passionate GFE service.
Aswel as her looks Lauren also has a wonderful personality, so you will find her to be the perfect adult companion for any occasion.